A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity (Numoeath Book 3) by M. H. Thaung

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In a land where paranormal powers are transmissible, but their recipients condemned as a threat to society, Queen Eleanor struggles to improve life for all her subjects including the afflicted. Rocked by a recent betrayal and disillusioned by her late father’s secret scheming, she fabricates threats of an external attack to push for social reform.

Her ploy meets with initial success, easing her guilt about misleading the entire realm. However, evidence comes from an unlikely source that the threat is real. The realm must prepare for war, and Eleanor stands to lose everything she has fought for.

This is the final book in the Numoeath trilogy.

Terence Vickers’ Review: 5-Stars

Peppered with characters that seem to come to life right off the page this tale of a strange world, populated by people who have lived in isolation so long that much of their history is a mystery even to them. Filled with suspense, fear of the unknown, and rumours of an impending invasion, create an atmosphere bordering on panic for the people of the kingdom, and people with ‘powers’ who have been feared and treated in most heinous and cruel experiments are suddenly in demand as military weapons.

King Fredrick has been murdered. His hier, Eleanor knows that his cousin Isobel is responsible, a secret that weighs heavily on her. People with psychic powers are being tortured in order to develope their powers through the application of pain.

The discovery of another civilization, mysterious giant figures guarding the far border of the barren land that separates them escalates the fear of an invading force and leads to an intrigueing tale that is hard to put down.

Technically this book is as near perfect as any I have had the pleasure of reviewing. The formatting and editing are professional with no glaring errors or typos, no plot holes, and a storyline that flows effortlessly from scene to scene. Character developmente is very well done and the hints of romantic entanglements add much to the overall impression.

Aesthetically, it is very well written and the many twists and surprises kept me fully engaged throughout the entire book.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

I love the covers for this series. They are intriguing and have good color. As the last book in a series, A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity is a stand-alone and can be enjoyed without reading the first two books. However, I recommend you read all the books in the series because they are all good.

Posterity opens with action and drama and the story doesn’t stop. I couldn’t put it down. The writing is spot-on, the characters are wonderfully well-thought-out and suck you into the book. Loved the dialog. The settings are perfectly described with just the right amount of detail so you can picture everything and where you are at.

The characters show great emotion and feel like real people that you care about what happens to them, even the bad guys. The premise and plot of A Quiet Rebellion: Prosperity will keep you reading, and the writing of this author will bring you back for more. Overall, M. H. Thaung knows what she is doing in this series.

It’s hard to write a review sometimes because I don’t like to give away twists, spoilers, or the ending. I want to tell you what happens, but I want you to be surprised as I was.

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