An Unexpected Adventure (Myth Coast Adventures Book 1) by Kandi J Wyatt

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Harley will do anything to keep his new pal safe. But a hungry dragon needs to eat. And the government is hot on their tail.

Harley Maegher’s seen E.T. and knows what the government will do to mythical creatures. There’s no way he’s about to let his new-found friend fall into the hands of an NSA agent. When the dragon starts setting fires and eating livestock, the choice may be taken from him.

Steria is only interested in filling her tummy and spending time with Harley and his friends. After all, they’re the ones who woke her and called her from her egg. When the agent tries to capture her, she’s confined to the farm where she’s safe but without sufficient food. She’ll do anything to protect herself and Harley, even if it means she’ll go hungry.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.8-Stars

I do like the cover for this book, but I feel it has too much going on. The cover did pull me in and make me want to find out more because of the three boys holding a giant egg. How interesting.

For a middle-grade book, I found An Unknown Adventure a great read. Kandi did a good job with the main character, Harley. I really enjoyed how the whole story is from his point of view. This story is well-written and fun, filled with adventures and fire breathing dragons. Harley and his friends find an egg. A big egg. Not knowing what kind of creature would lay such a big egg, they take it home. Harley keeps it for the weekend and takes it to school on Monday.

The boys confide in a teacher, and I loved the relationship between the boys and their science teacher, very well done and realistic. Once the egg hatches, to everyone’s surprise, it’s a dragon. I don’t want to give away anything, but I will say that out of all the dragon books I’ve read, An Unexpected Adventure has one of the best twists I’ve read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves dragons and or fantasy. Great read for middle-grade young adults.

Karen Meyer’s Review: 5-Stars

I loved the book. I could stop there, but I want to tell the author why I loved this book so much. I haven’t even had a chance to finish it, but it’s one of those books you just have to finish. So I will finish it, but need to get this review turned in.

Number one, I love books about dragons! Who doesn’t love a book about dragons? Then the fact that they found this egg and it hatched and they are raising this little darling is just too adorable.

Number two of course is there always needs to be a good antagonist and Professor Raleigh seems to fit the bill on that count.

The characters all seem well defined and have their own roles to play with Steria. The dad has just entered the scene when I had to stop to write this review.

I will recommend this book to anyone and will give it 5 stars. Great job!

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