Angel Drake Mysteries: Mystery & Mayhem by Sharn Hutton

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4 min readOct 31, 2020

Nothing Ventured: An Angel Drake Short Story of Mystery, Mayhem, & Mirth

Angel has a date with a YouTube star. It’s the crush of her school days, Danny Rush, who perfected being both super cool and insanely hot aged fifteen, then never looked back. Quite frankly, she can’t believe her luck.

Angel’s mother is less enthralled. The wiles of a YouTuber mean nothing to a technophobe still having trouble with email. No, she’s more impressed by ‘proper jobs’, and to that end lines Angel up an unwanted interview, coincidentally, with another old school chum.

Angel’s well out of her comfort zone now and, just to make life a little weirder, finds personal items start to go missing, whilst gloating video messages arrive from a thief enigmatically calling himself The Blue Flash.

She was trying to grow up and move on, but Angel is sucked back into the relationships of her childhood, where adult versions of old friends aren’t quite what they seemed, and The Blue Flash plots to steal from her the most precious possession of all.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.6-Stars

Love the cover! What else is there to say about the cover except that it fits the story perfectly. A little mysterious, it’s pretty, and it’s charming. Made me stop for a second look.

At first, I’ll admit I was a little lost as to who was who and what was going on. Once I put it all together, I found the opening a delight and liked being lead down the bumpy path. The writing and sentence structure kept me going, and made me want to find out who was who and what was going on.

Nothing Ventured is a fast little read to give us a good look into the main character, Angel. I enjoyed the family dynamic between Angel and her parents. I live with my elderly parents as well, and my father has Alzheimer’s, so I really related to Angel’s situation. I think Sharn did a splendid job with the characterization. Angel made me laugh with her come-backs.

Overall, this was a funny, great read. I find myself wanting to read the next book as well. I give Nothing Ventured 4.6 out of 5-stars because it ended a little abruptly.

Angel Drake is Going Solo: Murder, Mystery & Mayhem at The Antiques Emporium

Rookie antique’s dealer, Angel Drake, has just made her first deal. She thinks it’s a good one. But the price is higher than she knows. Now she’s implicated in the biggest string of antique’s robberies the country’s ever seen.

An inherited shop and a new life in the country — the dream Angel loves is in serious danger. She’s out on a limb with nowhere to go, and if there’s a chance of keeping her new home and business, she must catch the real thieves, and fast.

The odd customer wouldn’t hurt either. But villagers show more interest in Angel than they do in her stock. The result’s an unusual gang of new friends. From opinionated pensioners to charismatic local gentry, they all have curious pasts to reveal. And soon Angel realises, they each hold a piece of the puzzle she needs.

This village has been hiding secrets and when Angel unearths them, she is exposed to the wrath of the villains herself. Angel’s never been one to hold back but it’s clear, they’ll stop at nothing to silence her forever.

Diane Andersen’s Review: 5-Stars

Sometimes a book comes along and just hits the spot, that place where a reader can escape on a cold, fall, rainy day and be whisked away. Cozy mysteries are just that sort of read and Angel Drake is Going Solo is one that provides all the elements one could hope for.

The main character, Angel Drake, finds herself in quite a pickle when she inherits an antique store from her aunt and quickly learns she knows nothing about antiques. Add in a recent bad breakup with her boyfriend and a string of antique robberies, and we’re all set for some delightful antics with, of course, some quintessential sleuthing.

It all winds up to be a fun and downright hilarious ride that should be on every cozy mystery reader’s list.

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