Blind Justice: A legal thriller by Nathan Burrows

RA Winter’s Review: 4.3-Stars

Blind Justice by Nathan Burrows.

Terence Vicker’s Review: 5-Stars ★★★★★

Gareth Dawson is a small-time burglar, club bouncer and doorman, until he meets Jennifer, the love of his life and future bride. When Tommy, one of his partners in crime suggests an armed robbery, Gareth decides to go straight and hopes Jennifer never learns of his past. Just like in real life, of course, she does discover his not so pristine past and it seems their romance is over. However, they make up after Gareth grovels with flowers and when they become engaged, her father Andy sets Gareth up as a security consultant, advising people how to protect their homes from burglars. Business is good and Gareth seems to be set for life, happily married and with a booming security business.



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