City of Kings by Bree M. Lewandowski

Sherry Terry’s Review: 3.0-stars

I like the cover for City of Kings, and I think it represents romance well. I would have liked to see a little more of a dystopian look about it, but overall I felt it gives me what I expected. I’ve read all three of her books she submitted to us and enjoyed August Nights and Chevalier, but City of Kings falls a little short for me.

Diane Anderson’s Review: 3.8-Stars

The prologue opens with geographic coordinates, a stark time stamp of “March of 2024” and the military time “zero one-hundred” and apparently some cataclysmic event. Not the best way to invite this reader into a story world by far. Is there a reason I should care after trying to wrap my head around all those strange numbers? Is this a math book? A science textbook? Or a story? I almost wanted to bail, preferring to escape into a fictional world where it all comes into full view and gives me characters to care about.



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