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The Naked Reviewers like Bree’s books. We have also reviewed August Nights, Chevalier, and Constellations.

The war rages on, but it must end. Meridionalis lies in ruin, but the royal city must not fall. The question “why” remains and answers must be found.

Destruction and bloodshed follow the Rubiconds as their rampage continues. The royal city of Geneva is the only stronghold that remains. But it, too, will be annihilated if a compromise is not reached.

Sailing to the land of Rubra, Kohl, Saya, Linah, and Abra seek out the dictative emperor to beg for mercy on their lands and an end to the fighting.
Failing, orders demand the men return prepared for combat, leaving their wives to be escorted to safety.

Until a secret letter finds its way to Abra revealing the true cause of the war.
Taking matters into their own hands, the women band together, armed with the insightful knowledge that swords and blood-spilling are not what will bring the war’s end. Time is fleeting, but the women’s stamina to complete their mission endures.

Fate’s a funny thing, but can be altered with a woman’s touch. Secrets are revealed, solutions are presented, and promises are kept in this final chapter of the saga!

Elkin Hardcoves’ Review: 4.0-Stars

Sometimes if you are an avid & rapacious reader, you will inevitably encounter a fantasy work that feels or seems like another fantasy work read, or in my case, listened to previously. I am not speaking of the tendency of “copycat” works, or trends in genre and subgenre here, although in the broadest sense of the word they are applicable. Still, if you have read “splinters of fire,” original author unknown, or “waves in the sand” by Al Haghighi, then you might find some interesting parallels between that one’s plot and “Heroe”.

At which point someone might be pointing out, El, those works are
hundreds of years old.

To which I most decidedly agree.

Let me be absolutely and utterly clear of one thing, I am not saying, nor harboring, nor remotely suggesting that the latter was remotely influenced by the former. I am however saying that if you haven’t read those works, the ending will probably be more surprising than if you have. I at least applaud the author for it over a more traditional unexpected military victory, which some authors would have taken. It certainly made sense given the plot points, mostly character-driven that took place. Characterization is clearly, overwhelmingly the author’s strong suit. Moreover, while I was entertained by said work, my review, and enjoyment of “Heroe” would be far greater, if not having read said previous works. Still, I was entertained.

For that reason, and a few others, I’d personally give this work 4.0 out of five.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

I like the cover, it has great colors. In its simplicity, there is a good feel for a fantasy story. I love the cloak the character is wearing.

The writing style itself is very smooth and flowing. I was able to see the setting, smell the smells, and hear the steam-engines. I think I found one punctuation error that was questionable. Not nearly enough to take away from my overall enjoyment of Heroe.

This story is written in Omni and done very well in my opinion. Better than I’ve seen in a long time. I think all the characters are well-rounded and feel like real people. Absolutely loved the steam inventions and how they were introduced into the story.

I did not read the other two books in this series, but the two women, Linah and Abra in this book are strong and conquer obstacles that stand in the way of their people’s survival while their husbands, Kohl and Saya defend the capital city.

Heroe by Bree Lewandowski is action-packed, filled with war, love, and politics of foreign lands. I want to say it’s steampunk in a future world.

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