Reformed: Supervillain Rehabilitation Project by H. L. Burke

Diane Andersen’s Review: 4-Stars

Let me say first, I am not a fan of superhero comics or novels. I can appreciate them when there is an underlying good story or interesting characters to follow and I am always willing to give any story a fair shot. In the case of Reformed: Superhero Rehabilitation Project, it was the unique idea of reforming a superhero villain, something completely unorthodox, given the static nature of the characterizations in these types of genre. We absolutely want our superheroes to be noble and heroic and our villains to be super bad and irredeemable. We love it when they come to a bad end and get what they deserve, perhaps because real life just doesn’t always work out that way. That is the perennial appeal of superhero stories.

Corinne Morier’s Review: 4.5-Stars

Reformed by HL Burke Genre: Adult urban fantasy/superheroes My connection to this book: I belong to The Naked Reviewers and this was one of our August picks. Burke is one of my favorite authors, though I was not initially interested in reading this one–I’m not very interested in superhero stories and so decided that I would read through more of her backlist of straightforward fantasy books first and see if superheroes were something I became interested in later on. But then I ended up beta reading Relapsed: A Supervillain Rehabilitation Short, which is a short story tie-in to this book (I just recently learned that it’s a prequel to this series, showing Fade five years before the events of this story) and ended up enjoying that one a lot. I know I always enjoy Burke’s writing style and so far, all of her books have been either four or five stars for me, so I decided to push myself a bit and read something I don’t usually pick up.
My rating: 4/5 stars



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