Rekindled Prophecy: Greylyn The Guardian Angel Series (Book 1) by KC Freeman

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4 min readFeb 27, 2020

Rekindled Prophecy came in 4th place in the Lady Godiva Book Award Contest 2019 (book of the year) with The Naked Reviewers.

Guardian angel Greylyn saves innocent humans from their own inner demons or the more nefarious real ones. She’s overdue for some rest and relaxation, but upon finding her archenemy already entrenched at an authentic Irish bed and breakfast, she knows her vacation is over before it ever starts.

Enemies for over four centuries, Greylyn has fought the dark guardian, Kael; and fought her desire for him. This time, however, she must work with the dashing dark guardian to protect innocent lives. It’s a deadly gamble. One she has no choice but to take. But the situation is far more treacherous than she realizes as a notorious fallen archangel holds the lives of a mother and her unborn child over Greylyn’s head to force her to consummate a dormant, but deadly prophecy. One so deadly that Heaven didn’t even write it down. Rekindled Prophecy: Greylyn the Guardian Angel is a contemporary fantasy novel with strong undertones of romance and sex appeal between two enemies — one working for Heaven, the other working for Hell.

Diane Andersen’s Review: 5-Stars

What really goes on in the world of the proverbial “guardian angels”? No. Not the civilian police force in New York, but the real guardian angels as supernatural forces or heavenly spirits, commanded by our Supreme Creator to look over each and every one of us?

And what if these guardian angels took on human flesh and walked among us, as some ancient texts teach? These are the questions answered in K.C. Freeman’s well-crafted paranormal romance; Rekindled Prophesy hits all the marks for me as an eclectic reader whose favorite genre will always be “a li’l sumphin’ fer everyone”. On that score, Rekindled Prophesy indeed does deliver.

Through the eyes of Greylyn, and occasional switches to the point of view of her nemesis and irresistible heartthrob, Kael, readers journey through time and place, including some sumptuous settings that are a feast for the imagination. Mostly the story takes place at a romantic resort called, Gaelic Haven, where Geylyn finds herself up against her old nemesis, Kael, a dark guardian — or in other words, a demon — who seems to be up to his old tricks again. And yes, these two have a long and storied history together, spanning some four-hundred-years as eyewitnesses to key events that raise doubt to how truly humans are in control of political and social events, past, present or future, or do other spiritual forces indeed intervene and set our course?

From 17th century England to the tumbrels of the French Revolution and later, the Bolsheviks, these asides were enough to give me pause along with engaging my history nerd hot button and keep me turning pages. But it was also the well-defined and engaging characters, mostly driven by the witty and personable dialogue that also kept me also wanting more. Add in the lure of a Devilish prophesy and some spicy romance and this is why I can heartily recommend Freeman’s novel as a delightful diversion for just about any reader looking for their next weekend read or something to pass the time on a long flight.

As this is only book one of a potential series, there is the promise of more to come and this reader is definitely up for more, perhaps fleshing out one of those historical moments into an entire novel of its own. If that is so, Freeman has gained another faithful fan.

Tinker Publishing’s Review: 4.9-Stars

Greylyn, a Guardian Angel, trained by her mentor, Jasper Moreau, meets Kael, a Dark Guardian who becomes her nemesis, during her first assignment. Although they meet again and again through the centuries that follow, neither manages to eliminate their foe even though the opportunity to do so arises. Could it be due to the prophecy?

A rousing tale of courage and dedication to overcoming the forces of evil, complicated by Greylyn’s inexplicable attraction to her sworn enemy, this book is easy to get lost in. Easy to read straight through from beginning to end. Twice.

Technically very well written and formatted, there are a few odd word choices which don’t detract from the story. I am looking forward to book two in the series and hope it is coming soon.

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