Taffy’s Tales: Adventures in Costa Rica by Tiffani Burkett

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Show and Tell sucks when you have nothing to show and even less to tell!

Taffy has no idea what she’s going to do for her assignment until her grandpa presents her with a gift. A very special motorcycle that he built just for her. But he won’t let her bring it home until she learns how to ride it, and show and tell is tomorrow!

Taffy decides to “borrow” the little motorcycle while her grandpa is asleep, knowing he’d be proud to see how much she’s learned. But what he hadn’t told her yet was that this motorcycle has special powers. When she twists the throttle, she finds herself whisked away to the rain forest of Costa Rica, and the bike won’t let her return home until she’s completed a scavenger hunt!

From strange animals to plantains that taste like potatoes, Taffy is going to have to learn about the jungle, wilderness survival, and the local wildlife if she hopes to get home in time for school!

9-year-old Madi’s Review: 4-stars

I loved the cover of the book. It influenced me to read the story. The only thing I didn’t kind of understand is on the cover. There are monkeys chasing the main character, Taffy as she rides her motorcycle to safety, but they all road with her. The formatting was clear and easy to read.

I liked the story overall, but a little bit I got bored in some places. The main character, Taffy is a good character, and I like her a lot. Loved the action in the book! I wanted to read more of where she was in Costa Rica like the trees and flowers and stuff. I didn’t feel like I could hear insects and birds.

The action really hooked me in the story when Taffy started chasing the Toucan.

Some of the words were a little too big for me to read, but I had help, so it was okay.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.7-Stars

What a nice little treat. The cover is vivid and full of color, showing Taffy on her motorcycle with monkeys on her tail. The art is awesome with lots of great detail that made me feel like I was there. I love the font for the book. It’s campy, easy to read, and fun, just like the story.

Taffy’s Tales is a very cute little story filled with adventure in a foreign land and Taffy leading the way into a big scrape. Tiffani Burkett has written a great children’s book that will make a good gift for readers of all ages. And, I learned something. I had no idea that plantains taste like potatoes.

As an editor, I give the story 4.7-Stars as Taffy’s grandpa looks more like a teenage boy. I was hoping for a kindly, maybe balding old man who liked to Hollywood it up, living up to his nickname, grandpa Hollywood. The author used the word seemed to talk about things that are happening now instead of they seemed to happen, and I spotted a couple of typos. I’m probably the only one who noticed.

I love Taffy’s Tales by Tiffani Burkett. Get it for your kids today!

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