The Cocky Stranger by Sherry Terry

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2 min readJul 25, 2019

Sharon isn’t sure she can move on once the divorce papers are signed until the cocky stranger with an umbrella saves her.

Pascale Kavanagh’s Review: 5-Stars

The Cocky Stranger is like popping a delicious morsel into your mouth and finding out it’s also delightfully spicy. This story is a quick, fun, and sexy romp following a woman from a low moment to complete redemption. A risky move with a hot stranger in an alley ends up catalyzing a series of shifts that turns her life around.

I loved the brisk pace, the crisp writing, and the heat. Great read!

Terence Vickers’ Review: 4.9-Stars

Newly divorced Sharon’s life goes through some drastic changes, not the least of which is falling in lust with a much younger man. I am quite impressed with the characters in this short lusty novelette. The dialogue is especially well written, the tone of the conversations changing depending on who she is talking to, very realistic.

Lifelike characters drive this story home in such a delightful way that the story would probably stand up well even without the sex scenes, which are well done without going overboard with the details. I myself am not a big fan of erotica but this delightful short story is written so well it could stand on its own, the point of the story being not entirely about lust and titillation, rather the character development and life after divorce theme are what really drive this story.

Short stories are difficult to write because to write a short story you have to cram so much story into so few words. Sherry has done an excellent job of doing just that.

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