The Rift Between Us by Rebecca L Marsh

Diane Andersen’s Review: 4-Stars

Three sisters, a dark and checkered past and a dead father’s bequest to reunite them all work together to tease out a story of damaged relationships and the enduring bond of sisters. Maria, Avery and Lauren Anderson each have their view in alternating chapters that slowly bring to light the reasons for their rift some years ago after a family dinner gone wrong. For years, the three girls remain estranged until their father’s death leaves them with his bequest to work things out at an isolated cabin for two weeks if they hope to inherit a sizable fortune. Reluctantly the three girls agree and slowly each of their stories unfold in a tangled web of lost dreams and broken lives.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4-Stars

The author of The Rift Between Us did a very good job of pulling me into the story. The cover is spot on, so colorful and beautiful. I think the three women at the end of the dock are a splendid touch and fit the story perfectly.



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