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By the year 2225, humans have come a long way. Broadening Earth’s frontiers into the galaxy means taking a crash course in inter-alien relations, and humans are — mostly — embracing their new allies. The Fenrir are Viking descendants of the Great Wolf of Norse myth — heroes and heroines from across the galaxy who have returned to Earth to help keep our planet safe.

A physicist and an assassin, a spy and a mechanic, an old soldier and a weaver, a general and an interpreter — fall in love and follow them into danger as they face down an enemy threat that could plunge the Earth back into a war to end everything.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

The Wolves of Fenrir is a box set of four books. Overall, each story in the set is a fast, easy, enjoyable read. The writing is tight, the action is full of action, and the romance goes from sweet to hot and steamy. I thoroughly loved each and every one. All four books are connected to each other, yet each is a stand-alone story. The covers for each story are amazing. Sela has done a smashing job of bringing shapeshifting and science fiction together in four good romance stories.

A Wolf to Watch Over Me.

It opens with a well-crafted, action-filled fight. I absolutely love the way Sela Carsen worked in the backstory and the world building. I felt like I was in a futuristic world. I don’t normally read shapeshifters, but this one was done exceptionally well. The science fiction was techy enough to bring me into the world, but not heavy on explanation and infodumps. The delightful world was trickled in just right.

The love story is sweet with nothing more than a kiss, but Sela made me want the hunk-a-hunk of burning love bodyguard, Hakon sidUlfr for myself. The main characters are in a race against time to prevent Lauren Ivers, a human, from being kidnapped and torn apart by aliens for her family name and her smarts in physics and quantum theory. If she is killed, it will start an intergalactic war.

One thing that jumped out to me was how Lauren, who had never been to space, knew exactly what to do to get the ship going and how to help Hakon. However, in this day and age although not everyone has a computer or a cell-phone, like my parents, they still now how to turn them on and make them do things, not the things they want, but my point is that in 2225, we will know about spacecraft and maybe a rudimentary sense of how they work. The editor in me is making me say this, but the reader in me liked it.

I want to say A Wolf to Watch Over Me ended too soon. I write erotica, so I wanted to see the heat between these two characters. But in actuality, Sela ended this book in just the right place. GREAT READ!

A Most Wanted Wolf.

Loved it! I can tell already I’m going to run out of things to say about Sela Carsen’s writing. I cannot just blabber about how well she writes a great story. A Most Wanted Wolf puts us back in the world of Lauren and Hakon, where humans interact with aliens from other planets on a daily. Intergalactic relations are well established, which makes the world building feel effortless.

While book one is the story of Lauren and Hakon, book two is about Ule, a Fenrir, and Andrew, a human, and includes the main characters from book one. It’s all woven together smoothly, and I’m enjoying the stories. Andrew is a spy sent to kidnap Lauren and bring her back to work for the government. Along the way, he meets Ule and they fall in love.

A Most Wanted Wolf is racier as well. There is a hot, steamy sex scene that I loved. Again, Sela Carsen knows what she is doing when she writes a story. There are a couple of missing spaces between sentences, and some repeat words that need to be deleted, but they didn’t trip me up enough to care.

Silver Wolf Rising

The war with the Axis continues with a new couple Dagny and Niall. Naill is an aged Fenrir warrior with a missing leg on his way home to Fenrir to retire. Dagny, a civilian Fenrir widow with grown children, is on her way to Earth to start a new life.

They are both passing through the same pack ship, neither have a reason to stay. I don’t want to give anything away, so… The pack ship they are on is attacked, and they must save the day. Lots of good action in this story. Another fun read with more hot and steamy sex.

The Wolf Who Came In From the Cold

Once again we are brought into the world of the Fenrir, humans, and the Axis terrorist group. This book includes all of the characters from the other three books. Rig is a Fenrir who catches a human, Mirea as she falls off an elevator on the pack ship hovering in space above the Earth.

Capturing an Axis soldier, they question it using Mirea as an interpreter. Intrigue, surprises, and treason with one attack after another, The Wolf Who Came In From the Cold brings everything from all four books together. A meeting of all the planets on Earth brings the Wolves of Fenrir to a grand conclusion.

This last book in the series has some mild sex scenes that are very well done. If you like science fiction, romance, shapeshifters, and gross aliens, this box set is what you need.

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