Time Shifters: Into the Past: (Time Shifters Book 1) by Kate Frost

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.3-Stars

I like the cover. It gives off a mysterious vibe that makes me pick up the book and look at it.

Diane Andersen’s Review: 3.5-Stars

Writing time-slip novels is always a challenge in both keeping all the loose ends straight from present to past and then back to the present once again. And then there is the inevitable issue of confusing the reader will too much juggling of past and present without leaving a huge gaping plot hole. While I do love the possibilities time travel could bring, when it comes to bringing it to life in fiction, there are very few authors who can truly utilize this device effectively. In the case of this week’s book, “Time Shifters” makes a valiant and charming attempt at using a time slip trope to teach about the past and engage readers in historic events. However, like most time slip devices, this one falls quite short of its goal, if that was indeed the goal at all.



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