Wicked Deception (Wicked Magic Book 1) by Raisa Greywood

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3 min readFeb 14, 2019

I’m worth more than a purchase price on a crumpled betrothal contract. And I’m going to prove it.

My new husband has paid the princely sum of twenty thousand pounds for a well-bred broodmare. I can’t decide whether to be insulted or astonished.

He expects docility and submission. He wants a doll; pretty and silent, and above all, obedient. When he brings his lover to share our home and marriage bed, I am both entranced and horrified. She and my husband tangle me in a spell of passion and pleasure, and I am helpless to resist their depraved whims.

Her name is Angeline. I call her Mistress.

When the dark enchantment is broken, I learn what Angeline truly seeks and I remember who I am. Not a pet or concubine, but a woman who will fight to protect her family.

Pascale Kavanagh’s Review: 5-Stars

So many things about this book — the witty and ironic use of classic sayings, the darkly wonderful magic, the unpredictably feisty heroine, and the sexy and hopeful love story — make this an absolute pleasure to read.

Ms. Greywood has put together a fast-paced story with crisply delicious writing. You will end up rooting for Elizabeth and damning her enemies (who come in various forms). Her swoony new husband breaks out the sex appeal from the first minute, and even when things go terribly wrong, he never stops being a hero worth loving. This book gets my highest recommendation.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.8-Stars

I really liked Wicked Deception by Raisa Greywood a lot! The cover is captivating and full of color with romantic appeal.

This is a BDSM story with many many well-written sex scenes. An innocent country girl living in poverty with a cruel father is sold into marriage to an Earl with tastes that lean toward debauchery. At first, Elizebeth is excited to be leaving her home and getting out from under her father, but she soon learns that her new husband, Richard, Earl of Shepton wants to make her his slave along with his mistress.

Discovering she is under the spell of her husband’s witch mistress, she fights to break the spell on her, her husband, and her new household. Wicked Deception is full of great action, witches, a BDSM club, and a fiesty heroine in Elizabeth who will never allow the witch to take her most prized possession — her son.

If you like to read a good romance, BDSM and a HEA ending, this book is for you. The author either lives the lifestyle or has done her due diligence with the research into the lifestyle.

I wanted to give this story 5-stars, but as an editor, I felt some of the sentences could be stronger. Other than a few weaker word choices, this is an awesome read.

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